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Ariel - love affair @ Femjoy

Ariel - love affair @ Femjoy

Ariel is famous on our site, primarily, of course, for her wild red hair. Her hair isn’t only red. It’s like fire. Or a rose. Or a sunset. Ariel’s hair is the epitome of red.

Of course, other parts of Ariel are delicious to behold as well. Her light pale skin. Her tender pink parts. Her stunning green blue eyes. And those little nipples atop fields of creamy breast. It’s all good, and Ariel wants to share all of it.

What’s particularly stunning about this video is the way Ariel handles herself. She’s not just standing in front of the camera. She’s calling it to her. She’s touching herself. She’s preening and showing herself in the best light. She’s turning you on.

Get ready to enter the flames of Ariel’s desire.

Paulina - Danger Passion @ Femjoy

Paulina - Danger Passion @ Femjoy There’s nothing like a young woman in the heat of passion, exposing herself for the camera in a way that unleashes an intimate wave of desire. And such a wave is what Paulina has in mind.

The camera opens and Paulina is stretching out on the sofa. But soon she’s up and moving around the yard. The light is new. It’s morning. Paulina is fresh. Just woken up. The yard is green and cool, and her tan tight body fits perfectly into the mystical milieu. You can imagine walking up and catching her unawares, and what a joy that would be.

But the real pleasure is when she goes back to the couch. She really knows how to stretch out and open up her body to the lens. When she starts to chew on a pillow, you get a sense of her thoughts. Paulina has passion on the mind, and she’s looking for someone to share it with.

You, maybe?

Gina - Alone @ Femjoy

Gina - Alone @ Femjoy Girls will be girls, and there’s one thing girls like to do perhaps over anything else, and that’s sunbathe together. How many times have you been to the beach, or the park, or the college grounds and seen packs of gorgeous young women soaking in the rays of the sun? Ah, but how often have they been naked?

On FEMJOY, we give you that extra touch. Our girls are sunbathing, but they’re doing it naked. And that makes all the difference. The girls in question this time happen to be the breath-takingly gorgeous Lara and Gina. They’re down by the river, they’ve laid out their towel, and they’re browning their sensitive, white skin. A little frisky playing comes into their minds, and they start tickling and touching. All you need to do is get down to that river, and you’ll see all the fun.

Or, if you can’t do that, just download this video. It’s all here for your viewing pleasure.

Olivie - Love in the Backyard @ Femjoy

Olivie - Love in the Backyard @ Femjoy We took Olivie to a lovely Spanish retreat for her most recent video, Love in the Backyard. You can see a still, and a cover, from that video here. What you can’t see is Olivie in living motion, and that is not to be missed.

It’s morning in this video. Early morning. The light is coming in at an angle. But Olivie is up, and looking fresh and clean and lovely. She’s naked, because she doesn’t like to sleep in clothes. She likes the feeling of the sheets on her body. She likes to feel like she’s raw before the elements. She also likes her lover to have quick access to her charms.

In this case, that lover is you, and quick access is what you will get if you download this video. Olivie wastes no time stretching on the bed, warming up, and showing us all her private delights. This girl is just drop dead pretty. And cute. And sexy. And kind of aroused. You can tell by the way she looks at the camera.

Olivie is aroused, and the cameras are rolling. Where are you?

Bridget - Almost Sorry @ Femjoy

Bridget - Almost Sorry @ Femjoy >Bridget is a girl with a lot on her mind. The sun is beaming into her attic bedroom. The sheets on the bed look white and inviting. It’s Saturday morning, and she hasn’t got anything to do all day except get ready for a party with her girlfriends that night. Still, she’s drawn back to her room after a morning jog, and there’s pleasure in her eyes.

Luckily, she’s brought some lotion, and she knows how to make herself feel good. Bridget is a powerful young lady, in touch with her budding sensuality. And if ecstasy means hanging out in her room for a couple hours, rubbing lotion on her little breasts and shaved thigh flower, then that’s all right with her. What else is a girl supposed to do?

Come inside Bridget’s private fantasy. Nothing’s holding her back. She’s lying down on the bed, rubbing it into her skin, and sharing it all with you. Bridget is electrified, and she wants you to watch her fly.

Kylie - Those we dont speak of @ Femjoy

Kylie - Those we dont speak of @ Femjoy Some girls know how to cause a stir. Imagine you’re on vacation with the family…maybe mom and dad…maybe the wife and kids…and you’re driving through a pristine woodland on your way to a wilderness hotel. Suddenly, as you round the corner, you see a human goddess, brunette, large chested (with deliciously large, dark nipples), and a killer body…and she’s not just standing on the side of the road…O no…she’s stripping down to her birthday suit right in the middle of the road!

Well, you can experience such a vision if you downlaod this video, and luckily, you can do it in private!

Here she is in her third video, and she’s looking as lovely as ever. One of our sexiest young models, Kylie. And all her physical attributes have only improved over time. More beautiful than ever, she’s also refined the art of striptease, as she slips off her red robe in the middle of the street, revealing everything to the elements. And we mean everything.

Ready to trip?

Teresa - Girls Games @ Femjoy

Teresa - Girls Games @ Femjoy It’s always so fun to watch girls getting to know each other. And it’s even more fun watching them do so when they’re fully naked and located in a secret garden when anything goes. That’s the kind of fun no man can do without.

Elvira and Teresa didn’t know each other before this shoot, but they certainly knew each other after the shoot. The girls start out naked, and you can tell they’re nervous. They’re teasing each other, doing each other’s hair, trying to look pretty and make each other pretty. Their hands are cold, their hair is a mess, and their bodies are alive with curiosity. Soon, the touching turns them on.

If you love to watch girls exploring each other’s sensual, playful side, this is the video for you. Two beautiful young models - Elvira and Teresa - give a star performance in an erotic video that will lift your spirits AND your loins. Come to where the naked girls play.

Tamala - Pleasure trip @ Femjoy

Tamala - Pleasure trip @ Femjoy Tamala is a young Greek model, something we don’t have many of on FEMJOY, but when we’re lucky enough to have one, we’re reminded of what an enchanting people they are. Usually olive skinned, highly mysterious, and subtly sensual, they exude a Mediterranean warmth unlike any other nation. And when that Mediterranean warmth is as beautiful and naked as Tamala, you know you’re in for a rich cross-cultural experience.

This moving picture follows Tamala on a large sea-bearing vessel as she poses nude on the deck. In the background you can see the rocks of the shore, and below the deck, overboard, you can see the cool blue waters. But on deck is where the action is at. Tamala is fully unclothed, soaking in the sun, opening herself to your eager vision.

This is a super high quality erotic video. And its Tamala’s second solo video, having appeared in a girl/girl video with Paulina (also pictured here). FEMJOY does it like no one else. The music draws you in, the model is fully committed, and anything you’d want to see of her is handed up in full motion color. Sit back and enjoy a pleasure trip with Tamala.

Eufrat - Colors @ Femjoy

Eufrat - Colors @ Femjoy Just when you thought FEMJOY couldn’t get any better, they go and come up with a really cool feature that not only changes the quality of the way you watch videos, but also adds quantity to your viewing experience. In short, FEMJOY has added “multiple viewing windows” to its video features, beginning with this new Eufrat video, “Colors.” Now you can watch sexy young Eufrat in various positions all on the same screen. There she is leaning naked against a rock. There she is pulling her panties down. There she is rubbing her ripe, full breasts. All on one screen, all in full motion, all totally hot

Now, new features are all fine and well, especially when they in effect give you “more nudity,” but they wouldn’t be nearly as cool did they not give you more Eufrat. What a model this girl is. We’ve watched her over the years, and she’s really growing up in all the right ways. Her breasts are larger, her hips are curvier, and her smile is more knowing. She’s lived more, and she knows what makes a man happy.

Come into FEMJOY and check out this amazing new video innovation. And spend some quality time with three different Eufrats, all on the same screen!

Ellen - Stripping for You @ Femjoy

Ellen - Stripping for You @ Femjoy Set to some incredibly sexy, funky music, Ellen is getting in the mood as this video starts. She’s wearing nothing more than a fishnet top, with no bottoms, and she’s lying on a hardwood floor gyrating around like she’s got something in her, well, you get the point. This girl is turned on, and the camera is too. So too shall you be, dear members.

You’re not going to find a sexier striptease than the one inside this video. It’s slow, it’s real, it’s simple, and it ends up where it should - Ellen naked before you. She slips off the top, loses the heels, then begins to play with her breasts and other beautiful parts, all the while looking into your eyes, saying, “Please, won’t you come and touch me?” You will, you will.

Download this video. Play it on your computer. Watch what happens. It will change you forever.